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Creabol - Trisport Pharma



  • Recovery drink for explosive running, strength sports and ball sports.
  • Provides more strength, increases muscle mass and supplements the muscle glycogen.
  • We need energy to exercise.




Our body has three energy systems or “motors”:
1) The creatine phosphate system for brief explosive exercise sessions.
2) The lactate system for intensive exercise over a medium long period.
3) The oxygen system for prolonged periods of exercise (aerobic endurance).

The maximum capacity a sportsperson can develop is achieved already after a few seconds.
This capacity is supplied by the energy present in the muscles, namely ATP and creatine phosphate.
This “maximum” capacity starts decreasing after about 10 seconds because the small quantity of ATP and creatine phosphate in the muscles is depleted.

Creatine monohydrate

Various different studies have shown that intake of creatine results in an increase in the amount of creatine phosphate in the muscles. This has a positive effect, both on a once‐off, brief period of maximum effort and on repeated, intensive sprints.

Research also shows that the increase in strength, after a period of strength training with creatine intake, is greater than without creatine intake.

In the early days of creatine, everyone believed firmly in “creatine loading”. That meant you had to take 4 x 5 gr creatine per day during the first week.
Research has, in the meantime, shown that the same results can be achieved by taking 5 to 6 gr of creatine per day for two weeks.

After intake, creatine is absorbed relatively easily in the blood.
For the transport of creatine from the blood to the muscles, insulin is required. Glucose and amino acid peptides ensure an increased insulin response so that the creatine is transported more easily to the muscles.

Moreover, the amino acids peptides provide the necessary building materials for recovery and development of our muscles.
Alpha‐lipoic acid can make the muscles even more sensitive to insulin, so that creatine can be stored better in the muscle cell.
Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme capable of digesting dead fibres and reducing inflammations.
D‐ribose is important for the resynthesis of ATP.


When buying creatine, check its purity. A great many preparations contain poor quality creatine.
That is why Trisport Pharma has chosen the very purest, patented Creapure from the company Degussa.

Nutritional analysis. (per 100g)

Energy in kcal 391
Energ in in kJ 1634,3
Carbohydrates 54,68
Proteins 37,8
Fats 2,34


List of ingredients (per 100 g)

Name Quantity
Dextrose 52,60g
Whey protein isolate 26 g
Creatine monohydrate 17 g
D-ribose 2 g
Bromelain 0,5 g
Lipoic acid 0,4 g
Tropical aroma 1,5 g

Packaging: Pot of 1kg
Dosage: 1 portion one hour before training, and 1 portion immediately after training
Resolve in 200 ml water, sports drink, orange juice or Recup-Fuel.
Flavor: Tropical