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Erythromax - Trisport Pharma


  • Stabilizes the hematocrit value.
  • Highly absorbable iron supplement
    with B complex vitamins, chlorophyll and taurine.
    Provides the body with extra iron and is conveniently
    for endurance.



Anaemia is caused by an excessively low level of haemoglobin, a deficiency of circulating red blood cells or both.
A deficiency of haemoglobin can be caused by a shortage of iron in the diet. A deficiency of circulating red blood cells can be caused by continuous minor bleedings due to wounds, bruises and increased blood loss in the digestive tract.
The increased flow rate of the blood in sportspeople can also destroy red blood cells faster.Finally, haemolysis can occur through lipid peroxidation in the cell wall of the red blood cells due to the effect of free radicals.
Red blood cells are important for the transport of oxygen to the active muscles.
Therefore, it goes without saying that anaemia has a negative effect on one’s performance capacity.


1) Patented IRON AMINO ACID CHELATE (Iron BisGlycinate).

  • Extremely high rate of absorption!
  • Less black faeces!
  • Fewer gastrointestinal problems ‐ constipation!
  • Extremely safe!
  • Absorption decreases rapidly as the iron deposits are restored!
  • Iron is always absorbed in combined form, never in free form.

(Iron BisGlycinate)

2) Vitamin B‐COMPLEX (with FOLIC ACID and VITAMIN B12)

  • A complete vitamin B‐complex ensures a better absorption of folic acid and vitamin B12!


3) L‐Taurine.

  • An amino acid which protects the cell wall of the erythrocytes (protection again free radical damage).


List of ingredients per capsule
(vegetarian capsule)

Nederlandse benaming Hoeveelheid
Chrorella 250 mg
Iron bisglycinaat (15,7%) 178,34mg (28mg Fe)
L-Taurine 150 mg
Ascorbic acid 120 mg
Nicotinamide vit B3 20 mg
Manganese bisglycinate (17,2%) 11,625mg (2mg Mn)
Thiamine HCl vit B1 5,34 mg (4,2mg vitB1)
Pyridoxine HCl vit B6 5,14mg (4,2mg Vit B6)
Riboflavine vit B2 4,2 mg
Copper bisglycinate (18,4%) 2,99 mg (0,55mg Cu)
Folic acid 400 mcg
Cyanocobalamin vit B12 3mcg Vit B12

Packaging: Boxes with 30 and 60 capsules.

DOSAGE: (12years and above)
‐ Prevention = 1 capsule per day (on an empty stomach)
‐ Treatment = 2 capsules per day in 2 doses (on an empty stomach)