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LACTOSIR (Beta-alanine)

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• Lactic acid inhibitor.
• Beta-alanine increases our natural lactic blocker in our muscles and inhibits acidification.







During high intensity exercise, a large amount of H+ is formed.
As a result of this, our muscles acidify and we get fatigued.
Carnosine is a dipeptide made up of beta‐alanine and L‐histidine present in the muscles.
Carnosine is a natural substance which has a “buffering” effect in the muscles (intracellular).
Therefore, the greater the amount of carnosine in our muscles, the lesser the extent of acidification
and muscle fatigue during intensive exercise.
The amount of carnosine in the muscle is also a deciding factor for the performance during brief
periods of high intensity exercise during which acidification occurs.


Oral administration of carnosine does not itself increase the carnosine concentration in the muscles.
However, numerous studies show that the oral administration of beta‐alanine does elevate the
carnosine concentrations in the muscles.
Lactosir (= 800 mg beta‐alanine/caps) can improve the buffering action in the muscles, as a result of
which there is a lesser degree of acidification and muscle fatigue.


List of ingredients per capsule
(vegetarian capsule)

Name Quantity
Beta-alanine 800 mg

Packaging: Jars with 120 capsules
Dosage: According to the available literature, one is advised to take 4 to 5 capsules per day for at
least one month.