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Recupro - Trisport PharmaRECUPRO

  • The recovery drink for competitive sportspeople!
  • The purpose of a recovery drink is to quickly restore the glycogen reserves and boost muscle recovery after a competition or training session.
  • Thanks to its ideal combination of carbohydrates, hydrolysed protein and leucine (BCAA), RECUPRO quickly stimulates the synthesis of carbohydrates and protein in the muscle.Ideale recuperatiedrank voor competitiesporters.
    • Enhances muscle recovery and accelerate gains
    KH and proteins in the muscle.

• The electrolytes in Recupro ensure that the fluid loss after training or competition is restored quickly.
• For endurance and strength athletes.

• Carbohydrates are of paramount importance for good sports performances. They are valuable “energy sources” for the skeletal muscles during prolonged and/or intensive exercise such as endurance sports or intensive intermittent sports such as football.
• After a competition or an intensive or prolonged training session, the carbohydrate reserves present in our muscles in the form of “muscle sugar or glycogen” are depleted.
• In order to be able to start on the next competition or training session under “optimal” circumstances, the glycogen reserves must be restored as quickly as possible.

CARBOHYDRATES for fast replenishing of muscle glycogen

  • Immediately after ending the exercise, our muscles are in an “ideal” situation to quickly build up glycogen. This is because of an increased insulin sensitivity, an increased glycogen synthetase activity and an increased transport of glucose from the bloodstream to the muscle cell via the GLUT4 protein in the muscle cell membrane.
  • Due to this “ideal” metabolic situation, the glycogen resynthesis is the fastest until about two hours after the workout.
  • A sportsperson must make “smart” use of this, by taking in a sufficient quantity of carbohydrates as soon as possible after the competition or training session.
  • Research has shown that the best result is achieved by consuming 1.2 grams of carbohydrates per kg of body weight immediately after the workout and by repeating this two, four and six hours after the workout. Ultimately, the sportsperson must try to consume 8 to 10 grams of carbohydrates in 24 hours. The first two intakes should preferably be in liquid form because in that way the absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and water is fastest.



• Recent studies have revealed that, when protein peptides and leucine are added to a carbohydrate blend, recovery is faster.
By making use of a “carbohydrate ‐ protein‐leucine blend” after the workout, smaller amounts of carbohydrates are required per hour to still achieve an optimal recovery (± 0.8 to 1 gram of carbohydrate per kg of body weight).

Quick muscle recovery after competition or training session

• An additional benefit of the addition of proteins in the shape of a hydrolysate and leucine is that the rate of muscle recovery and build‐up after the competition or training session is increased.


• L‐leucine, together with L‐valine and L‐isoleucine, constitute BCAAS, i.e. Branched‐Chain Amino Acids
These amino acids make up around one third of our muscles’ protein and are therefore vital for sportspeople. Of these three amino acids, leucine is the greatest stimulant of protein synthesis.
Adding extra leucine to a recovery drink considerably stimulates protein synthesis after the effort.


Nutritional analysis (per 100g)

Energie in kcal 386
Energie in kJ 1623
Carbohydrates 75
Protein 21
Fats 1


List of ingredients (per 100 g)

Name Quantity
Maltodextrin 44,7 g
Whey protein isolate (hydrolyzate) 14 g
Glucose 10 g
Fructose 10 g
Saccharose 10 g
Leucine 10 g
Orange/Lemon aroma 0,80 g
Sodium chloride 0,25 g
Monopotassium phosphate 0,2 g
Magnesium citrate 0,05 g

Packaging: Pot of 1,5kg
- Dilute 1 portion (2 scoops, 90g) in 500ml water right after intensinve training or a competition.
- 1/2 portion (1 scoop) after training, diluted in 250 ml water.
Flavors: Orange and Lemon