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Single-dose sachets Hydra Max and Energy Drink

We've made single-dose sachet with your favorite drinks Hydra Max and Energy Drink, just to make it easier for you to take them everywhere you want.

Unidose Hydra Max Trisport Pharma Unidose Energy Drink Trisport Pharma

The well known Hydra Max in the flavor Lemon / Pineapple, packed in sachets of 34,5 g.
Just the perfect size to take with you, and to fill your bottle with 500 ml of water, add the Hydra Max, shake it and your drink is ready.

Packed per 12.

We've also made the unidose bags with Energy Drink, portions of 34 g, in the flavor Lemon / Pineapple.
To make your Energy Drink, fill your bottle with 250 ml of water, add the content of the single-dose sachet, shake it and it's ready to go.
Super convenient to take with you during training.

Packed per 12.